Tips on Choosing your Domain Name – Your website address or URL (uniform resource locator) will be the identity for your blog. It’s your blog’s fingerprints. It’s your business card. Your choice of name will affect your traffic incredibly. When choosing your domain name, use these tips!

Different Types of Domain Extensions and their Importance – What exactly are Domain Extensions and TLDs? From who and what should you protect your website name from? What Domain Extensions are available to you? Find all the answers to these questions here!


38 Ways to Make an Extra Income Online and 37 More ways to Make an Extra Income Online – If you’re looking at making an extra income online, or even trying to replace your existing income, read these lists for some ideas.

Binary Options Trading Tips and Guidelines – Binary Options Trading can be a very extensive subject, and so I have decided to start a new website, dedicated to Binary Options.

Get Paid Writing Tutorials – Is there any subject that you have a lot of knowledge on? Maybe you’re a pro on Adobe Photoshop? You could get paid writing tutorials!

How can you Make Money from MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing)? – This is when multiple people are marketing a specific product to consumers. You can get compensated for each product you sell, as well as for each person that you recruit. This is one of the pure methods of passive income because it requires a lot of work in the beginning, but the monthly income afterwards won’t require as much regular work anymore.

How to Create your Own Membership Website and Premium Content –  Collect some good articles, eBooks, podcasts, etc., and publish them on your website. You can then give some of the information out for free, but offer the more “premium” content to visitors for a monthly subscription fee.

How to Make Money by Designing and Selling Products – Here is the top 3 ways with which anybody (even the less-creative people, like me) could make money by designing and selling products.

How to Start your Own Job Board – Having your own job board can be very successful and it provides extra value for your readers, as well as an extra income for yourself.

Make Money on Fiverr – Fiverr is a marketplace that is quickly gaining popularity. Absolutely anyone can make money on this site! There are a lot of marketplaces on the internet, but what makes Fiverr so unique is that everything is “sold” for $5. There is no limit to what you can sell/offer.

Making Money with Binary Options Trading – Binary Options Trading could easily replace your salary from your 9 to 5 full-time job. It’s quick to learn and quick to show a good profit.

Private Advertising vs Google AdSense – Which is best? Read all the pros and cons and decide for yourself!

Refer Others to Jobs – There are a lot of job boards on the internet these days.  They advertise jobs which employers from various countries submit their vacancies to. A lot of these job boards pay people if they refer good candidates for suitable jobs to themselves.

The Guide You’ll Need to Make Money with Advertising (if you’ve got your own blog, this is for you) – If you’ve got a blog, you could easily make money with advertising using Google AdSense, Bidvertiser or private advertising. Learn how…


What are QR Codes? – QR Codes are a great way to combine offline advertising with online advertising. But what are QR Codes exactly?

10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Elevator Pitch – You only have one chance to make a good first impression. So, imagine you’re in an elevator – the door opens at the next floor and a very influential person in your sector steps in. You know that this is the chance of a lifetime – this person could open millions of doors for you – but first, you’ve got to impress him/her. Do you have an elevator speech prepared and rehearsed? Read my 10 tips that you can use to create the perfect elevator pitch!


Advertising and Marketing Terminology – In your pursuit to bring in a passive income, you will most likely come across terminology that you have never heard of before, or have heard of, but don’t fully understand. Here’s a quick guide to lend a hand