On my journey to generating multiple streams of income, I have learned lots from books, other blogs, audio and video clips and have found some very useful software along the way.

Here are some links that I think know will help you just as much as it has helped me – I would highly recommend using them. Bookmark this page for your convenience and ease of reference and look out for some more resources later on – as soon as I find any more useful resources, I’ll add it here.

Please take note though that on some of the products, I do earn an affiliate commission but on most of the products I don’t though… For me it’s more important helping other people (like others have helped me) than to make a profit off them on this site (that’s what my niche sites are for).



  • Bluehost: Web hosting that is easy to use, 1-click automatic WordPress installation and excellent customer service. I would highly recommend using them for when starting your website! Professional web hosting can be attained at Bluehost for only $4.95 per month.


  • WordPress: WordPress is used by over 14% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites. It’s free and easy to use – perfect for  newbies, as well as experts. It’s fully customizable so it can suit just about any websites.
  • WordPress Plugins: Download any plugins, widgets, or customizable so it can suit just about any website!


  • Market Samurai: This is a great tool for keyword discovery. A definite must-have! When using this tool’s “4 Golden Rules”, you are guaranteed to attract more traffic to your website.
  • WordTracker Free Keywords Tool: This gives a number for the popularity of a keyword of your preference. You can weigh search numbers against each other to uncover the perfect niche, or to choose keywords for your blog posts.
  • Google Adwords Tool: This tool can help you decide what keywords to use. You can also see the popularity, as well as the competition, of each keyword.
  • SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool: This tool is also very popular and fabulous – it provides even more information to help you find your perfect keywords.
  • SEO Keyword Ranking: Good tool to use to keep track of the keywords that you are working on – helps keep you up-to-date with your progress.


  • Google Adsense: This is a free, simple way for any website owners to earn money by displaying targeted ads on their websites. Each time someone clicks on one of the ads, you can earn money.
  • Google Adwords: This is a service that lets you create and run ads for your business. Website owners which uses Google Adsense (as above) will then display your ads on their website.


  • Aweber: This is an extremely popular and much preferred email opt-in service and email broadcasting/marketing tool. This tool will make your life a lot easier and save you a lot of time.


  • Google Analytics: Free tracking and analytic tool offered by Google. If you own a website, I would highly recommend that you make use of this tool.
  • Google Optimizer: An easy to use tool for testing your website content… There are many benefits to testing your content, just give it a try and see for yourself… It’s free!


  • Odesk: Excellent outsourcing service for finding Virtual Assistants, Web Developers, Graphic Designers, etc. Very useful!
  • Virtual Staff Finder: This is a one-stop-shop for home-based General Admin Assistants, Web Developers and Designers, Content Writers, SEO Specialists and Virtual Assistants. A must-have if you want to save some time or you’re working on a project.


  • Camtasia: You can use this for screen captures.
  • Omnidazzle: You can use this for some cool screen effects.


  • InfoBarrel: This is an excellent ad revenue sharing site to write for. Look out for some of my articles published there as well.


  • Unique Article Wizard: This tool generates thousands of backlinks to your site – if you want free traffic, this is a must-have.


  • E-Junkie: If you have something to sell, this is an excellent shopping cart to use. It’s compatible with Paypal Website Payments Standard, Paypal Website Payments Pro, Paypal Payflo Pro,, Google Checkout, Clickbank,, and 2CheckOut. If you sell downloads, they can also completely automate and secure the digital delivery of files and codes. For selling goods, they can automate the shipping calculation and inventory management and even has a built-in sales tax, VAT, packaging and shipping cost calculator!
  • Paypal: This is a popular method of payment and most website require that you have a Paypal account. Basically, you’ll need an account with them sooner or later.