How can you Make Money from MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing)?


I’ve stumbled upon MLM (multi-level-marketing) and have decided to give it a try. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about MLM, but I’ve also heard a lot of good things. So what’s the truth? Is it good or bad? Well, I’ve come up with my own conclusion – this is entirely my own opinion – and I want to share it with you today.

As you read further, you’ll see that I explain exactly what MLM is and how it works. Don’t stop reading until the very last word, however, because you’ll also see that I also write about the system that I’ve been using, which is similar to MLM but soooooo much easier – I just love it! 😀

What is MLM and How Does it Work?

MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing. There are many different “types” of MLM, but it comes down to selling a product or a service, and recruiting other people to do the same. You then make a commission on the products you sell, as well as the products that your recruits, their recruits, those people’s recruits, etc. also sell. Basically you are creating a team of salespeople and earning a nice income.

What does Multi Level Marketing mean?

Now that you have a basic understanding of how it works, I can break up the term “Multi Level Marketing” more easily so that you can see where the name comes from. The word “marketing” means “the action of promoting and selling of products and services.” The term “multi level” refers to the system of compensation – “multi” obviously means “more than one” and “level” means generation.

What is the Difference between MLM and a Pyramid Scheme?

MLM got a bad name because people immediately associate it with pyramid schemes (in disguise, I suppose)… LoL

And I admit, sometimes it is hard to tell between a legitimate MLM system and a pyramid scheme – mostly because both of them are built on the “multi level” business model.

There are a lot of characteristics specific to pyramid schemes, but the most distinguished characteristic of a pyramid scheme, is that pyramid schemes generally don’t have a service or a product to sell.

So if you ever come across an MLM system that you are unsure of, just check if they are actually selling a product or a service. If they are not, it’s most probably a pyramid scheme.

Why do you Need to Recruit People?

Well, you could sell the product or service by yourself, but wouldn’t it be much more effective to have a lot of other people selling it for you? Later on, by only recruiting a few people yourself (and then they recruit a few people, andsoforth), you’ll have a enough people on your “team” to do whatever it is that you really want to do. You wouldn’t need to actively promote the service or product anymore, you’ll be living off a passive income and you’ll have enough time on your hands to start working on your other dreams. Or living on a beach somewhere, if that is your dream. 😉


The Bad Rumours

Most the complaints being made against MLM, is people who expected that it would be a quick and easy way to get rich. It’s not. Like all good things in life, it does take a lot of initial work and also takes some time before you’ll start making a lot of money from it.

If you’re looking for some “get-rich-quick-scheme”, then this isn’t for you. MLM is about creating a passive income. And the thing with passive income is, you always have to invest in the beginning – either with time or money – to create a passive income. Then you’ll be paid for the rest of your life..

Which MLM to Use

Don’t just jump in start with the first MLM you come across. Do your research first.

I’ve been using a system that is very similar to MLM, and I’m sure you could classify it as MLM, but it’s a bit easier because you only get people to visit their website, and they do the rest of the work. The company is called “Be Motivated Today” and they use a “Wealth Generating System”, which they call an “Automated Passive Income Creator (APIC)”.

I’m only going to be talking about them further in the post, to demonstrate to you what I think a good system looks like, and to give you a better idea to what you could expect and how much money you could make.

With Be Motivated Today, you do get people to sign up under you, and those people also get people to sign up under them. And in a sense, you are selling them a service.

The reason that I initially chose them as my preferred system, is because they offer a lot of different products and services to their members – which is obviously a very important factor to keep in mind when choosing a system.

For example, Be Motivated Today asks a small monthly fee, and they then give you access to lots of downloadable self-development books, they send you daily PEP-Talk encouraging and inspiring emails, motivational audio-books and workbooks, and a lot of tools to help you find other people to sign up under you. They also give people the option to sign-up for a free 14-day trial first, so that they can see what it’s about, before having to pay a cent for it. Once you’ve signed up with them and you’ve done the initial work, but don’t earn a passive income yet within 6 months, they will pay you all the subscriptions back – thereby making it totally risk-free.

Take my word for it though, the workbooks and daily PEP-Talks alone, makes the monthly fee worth it. I really believe in the products and service they offer people, and feel that it has also greatly improved my own life. It changed everything – my perspective on the world, my attitude, my courage even – basically, it made me a much more motivated, inspired, positive and strong person.

Now THAT is what you should look for in an MLM system – you need to first be able to try the product yourself, gain trust in the products and thoroughly believe in the product. So before you choose the MLM system that you want to be involved in, first do your research.

Once you’ve found an MLM system that you BELIEVE in, then go for it. You’ll make it work. This is very important because if you have no faith in your MLM system, how would you expect other people to have faith in it, and to invest in it?!

How does the Commission Work?

The reason I’ve specifically mentioned Be Motivated Today in my post, is so that I could use them in my examples. So please be aware that all MLM systems differ and the examples I make use of, is specific to Be Motivated Today.

Depending on the type of membership you have, Be Motivated Today could pay you a commission up to the 9th generation under you. Essentially the generations work like this:

Be Motivated Today has different membership levels. So the less generations you still have, the less fee you pay. Bronze members get paid on 1st generation. Silver members get paid up to 3rd generation. Gold members get paid up to the 6th generation. Platinum members get paid up to 9th generation. You get paid a certain commission for each person under each generation.

Full Generations
With the APIC system, even if you only find 2 “working” members (i.e., members who also find members), then you could already easily earn a fantastic passive monthly income. Those 2 working members that you found, will then each have to find their own 2 working members (thereby giving you a total of 4 working members), and those working members each need to find their own 2 working members (thereby giving you a total of 8 working members), and so it goes on.

MLM Commission Potential Example

Here’s an example of what you could earn MONTHLY, as a platinum member, if every working member just found 2 of their own working members:



% per Member

$ per Member




20 %

$ 16

$ 32



5 %

$ 4

$ 16



5 %

$ 4

$ 32



5 %

$ 4

$ 64



5 %

$ 4

 $ 128



5 %

$ 4

$ 256



5 %

$ 4

$ 512



10 %

$ 8

$ 2,048



10 %

$ 8

$ 4,096


$ 7,184

Now imagine the potential if each person could find 3 of their own working members!

In Conclusion

So I’ve given MLM a chance now and I would say that you could definitely make a lot of money from it, IF you choose the right system, do your research and invest a lot of time in the beginning.

Just beware aware of scams and pyramid schemes though – they are out there and sometimes difficult to recognise. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

~ Please feel free to sign up for a free 14 day trial at Be Motivated Today in order for you to see what it’s about and to get a feel for MLM as well. ~

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