An Exclusive Extra Income Opportunity for South Africans!!

So I’ve recently joined an exciting venture which has started giving me a very nice 2nd income! This is an opportunity that I’m genuinely extremely excited to write about. In the past I’ve thought about selling Avon or Herbalife, which is very popular in South Africa, but I’m pretty much horrible at selling products – I’m much better equipped sitting behind my laptop and doing whatever needs doing, from my laptop.DuePoint

The company I’ve signed up with is part of Constantia Life, which has been around for 60 years already so you know they’re legit and that they know what they’re doing.


Constantia has recently started a new venture which they call “DuePoint”. It’s been around long enough to prove that it works, but at the same time they are new enough that the market is still “up for grabs” and everyone that signs up now still has a LOT of potential clients that will help build their 2nd income.

What I like most about this opportunity is that your income builds every month – meaning you don’t need to start from scratch every month (like with Avon, you need to sell a certain amount of products to make a certain amount of profit – with DuePoint, you will basically automatically get what you earned the previous month, plus whatever extra you or anyone under you have made during the new month – and so it goes on, building every month).

My uncle joined up with this company about 11 months ago, and in November 2016 he earned +-R16,500.00 through it. In December 2016, he got +- R33,000.00. I’m really curious to see how much it has grown since then and I’m super excited to also DuePointnow be part of it. By personally knowing someone whose been THIS successful with it (and it not just being some testimonial by someone I don’t know), I KNOW this works and willingly (and even keen) to put my reputation on the line for this.

Anyway, I’m not going to explain everything in this post yet, I’ll provide you with more insights in additional posts later on, but I just had to post SOMETHING about DuePoint right away because my excitement is killing me! lol In the meantime, please do yourself a favour and follow this link to see a short video about it (it’s only 04:02 long). If you do want to watch a longer, more in depth video, you can also click here. I’ve added the shorter video to the bottom of this post as well.

Once you’ve watched it and want to sign up (I can’t imagine what reason you have not to), you can sign up at DuePoint. Click on “Join”, and when it asks you by who you were introduced (“Lead Wealth Generator’s W number”), please type W1000084832. This is very important in order for us to be linked! My uncle has a Whatsapp group as well in which I could add you if you wanted to, they offer so much helpful tips, advice etc., that it will be impossible to fail at this.


Please let me know once you’ve signed up! You can email me at

Have an excellent day further!


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